Blue Light/UV Light Exposure = Aging Skin

Have you heard about new skin care concerns due to Blue Light exposure? Are you reading this article on a screen? (Hint – your screen is not always your friend!) Here is what you need to know.

Light consists of electromagnetic waves, and we are exposed to a range of light from the sun every day. The effect, however, depends on the wave length. Simply speaking, the shorter the waves are, the more penetrating and damaging the light. Learn your (UV) ABCs in this snapshot summary, plus get the low down on the role of Blue Light:

  • UV-C is a short wave UV wavelength and is the most damaging, ionizing radiation. Fortunately, we are not normally exposed to it because it is filtered by the atmosphere’s ozone layer (as long as ozone is still there!).
  • UV-B is a medium wave UV wavelength that is mostly absorbed by ozone, but some of it does get through to our skin – which is good and bad… This is the light that causes our bodies to produce valuable Vitamin D,  however, UV-B also causes sunburn and skin cancer due to direct DNA damage.
  • UV-A is a long wave UV wavelength also known as black light, and it is not absorbed by the ozone layer. Although UV-A does not damage DNA directly like UV-B, it generates free radicals which may damage DNA and cause cancer.
  • Blue light is an even longer wavelength emitted by LEDs used in all of our smartphones, TVs, and tablets. Blue light, like other colors of visible light, is all around us – it’s emitted from the sun as well as fluorescent and incandescent light bulbs. Blue light is increasingly capturing our attention because of the amount of time we spend exposed to it. These days, human beings are exposed to more blue light than ever, often 9-11 hours a day. Hence, there is a growing concern of biological effects of blue light on skin cells.

Anti-oxidants to the rescue!
While the full effect of blue light is not fully understood yet (it is a new phenomena after all!), there are indications of prematurely aging skin caused by the long exposure to all of our modern technology. The solution? Anti-oxidants. These are critical skincare ingredients that capture free radicals and prevent them from damaging your collagen!

What can we do about it?
To prevent skin damage, use broad spectrum SPF with both UV-A and UV-B protection, and supplement your skincare routine with a strong anti-oxidant formula that would neutralize free radicals caused by both UV-A and blue light.

Out of the Blue Face Serum is loaded with super strong anti-oxidants from Wakame, Reishi, Green Tea and Berries. As a bonus – it also fights hyperpigmentation caused by too much sun!

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