Mineral Oil

What is it?

Mineral oil is a hydrocarbon, i.e a compound containing only carbon and hydrogen. It is a colorless and odorless petrolatum derivative, byproduct of petroleum refinement.

Main Benefits

Occlusive emollient, lubricant

More Information

Mineral oil has been used for decades in skin and lip care cosmetic products. Mineral oil is non-allergenic, highly stable and not susceptible to oxidation or rancidity.  Mineral oils are only permitted in cosmetics if compliant with purity specifications. While generally safe, mineral oil does not penetrate human skin and stays on top of it for a prolonged time. It can trap pore-clogging ingredients and prevents oxygen flow to the skin. In short, mineral oil is a safe ingredient for skin barrier protection, but it does not provide additional anti-inflammatory or anti-oxidant benefits of plant oils.

Scientific reference

Petry, T. et al.  Review of data on the dermal penetration of mineral oils and waxes used in cosmetic applications. Toxicol Lett. 2017 Oct 5;280:70-78. 

Products featuring this ingredient

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